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ISO 17025 calibration of scale 6kg-60kg incl. certificate.

Price: € 184,00
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Article no:
ISO 17025-60kg
Stock status:
2-3 weeks
Available in several variants
ISO 17025-5kg € 154,00
ISO 17025-60kg € 184,00
ISO 17025-300kg € 249,00
ISO 17025-1500kg € 369,00
ISO 17025-3000kg € 449,00
ISO 17025-6000kg € 1 399,00
ISO 17025-25t € 1 499,00
ISO 17025-35t € 1 599,00
ISO 17025-50t € 1 699,00


Scale Calibration Certification service ordered simultaneously with the new instrument (bench scales, weighing platforms, wheel weighing platforms, weighing belt, etc), with release of the Calibration Certificate with EA reference, ISO 17025 accredited (DKD/DAKKS, SIT/ACCREDIA, UKAS, COFRAC, etc.).

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