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New Container scale painted 30T, 6x2,7m
Container weighing SOLAS

Container scale painted 30T, 6x2,7m

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Truck scales

Vetek´s truck scales are made of durable materials, so they can handle the weight placed on them. These scales are often used in harsh conditions, so they have wiring and other components that can withstand water and dust ingress. The structural design of these scales is carefully thought out, and the materials are chosen for strength and durability. Because of this, you can be sure that your scale will perform as expected for many years to come, even if it gets wet or dirty.

Weight on truck

There are laws that must be obeyed by a truck scale. Therefore, it is our task to ensure that the existing legal requirements are met. As a customer of ours, you should feel confident that what you buy from us meets these requirements. Therefore, we deliver and install truck scales that are approved according to the legal requirements.

Exceeded load weight not only results in hefty fines for the professional driver, but also increased wear and tear and increased operating costs on the trucks. Awareness of this in the farming industry is high, and more companies are paying attention to this. This is where we can come in and support your industry in the best possible way. By providing one of the best tools on the market for checking your trucks and their weight.

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