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Double plate weighing system for forklifts

Hydraulic weighing kit for stackers

Scale for fork lifts, mount on hydraulic. 12V

Truck and wheel load scales

Being able to keep track of the weight of the load with the truck or loading machine can be incredibly convenient in many situations. Here there are variants for connecting the machine's hydraulics but also complete forklifts with built-in weighing. See our range below.

Accurate weighing with clear readings

Our pallet lift scales weigh with an accuracy of down to +/- 0.1% of the maximum capacity. For those who have exceptionally high requirements, there are also scales that indicate net/gross and lb/kg conversion. The LCD screens are stable and shock-resistant and equipped with a clearly visible display with easy-to-read numbers. Navigating the functions on the keyboard is done comfortably with the soft buttons below the display, where the rubber cover ensures that it is easy to keep clean and does not risk being damaged by dirt, dust or moisture.

The capacity and stability in use are of course always of the utmost importance, whether it is in the food or manufacturing industry. Battery operation therefore plays an important role and our pallet lift scales have rechargeable, built-in batteries with up to 80 hours of continuous operation. Charging cables are always included in the purchase and with them you can quickly and conveniently charge the machine while it is out of operation. The scales are also equipped with an automatic shut-off function that provides optimal battery operation. When the battery level is low, the display indicates it and alerts you that it is time to charge the battery on the pallet lift scale. All our pallet lift scales are also tested and supplied with a certificate guaranteeing the stated capacity and accuracy of weighing.

Ergonomic handles and stable wheels

A pallet lift scale often handles extreme weights. That the wheels and handles are of top quality is therefore very important. The handles are always ergonomically designed and provide a comfortable grip on the control for smooth pumping of the lifting function. The steering wheels make it possible to move heavy units with great precision. The wheels are large and stable and are made of either polyurethane or nylon. It is important to also take the surface into account when choosing a pallet lift scale so that the material on the tires is correct. The polyurethane wheel is a relatively quiet wheel, but can easily cope with slightly uneven surfaces such as truck trailers and similar. Since the material is basically soft, it also does not wear very much on the surface. The wheels with rubber coating are even quieter and also more flexible than the above materials. The coating makes it possible to drive the pallet lifter without creating too much noise.

Pallet scale with several fork lengths

The forks have a minimum standard length of 1,150 mm. That length is adapted to lift a standard European pallet and works in most warehouses and industries. If you need longer fork lengths than that, we also have such models in the range.

Industrial scales for all types of operations

Our range also includes other types of loader scales. Here you can find both truck scales and wheel loader scales, adapted to different types of needs. Should you be unsure about the type of loader with weighing function you need, do not hesitate to contact us with questions regarding technical details!

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