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Hand grip dynamometers

A hand grip dynamometer is often used by, for example, gymnasts, tennis players and mountain climbers. With a hand grip dynamometer, one can measure a person's hand strength and is also perfect for use in rehabilitation centers where it functions as an effective aid in training and recovery of muscle injuries.

In our range you will find easy-to-use and accurate models with different capacities that are well suited for different purposes. Therefore, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with our different variants and take into account your specific needs before placing your order.

8 common characteristics:

  • Real-time mode - shows a person's current strength.
  • Max mode - shows the person's maximum grip strength.
  • Average mode - calculation of the average strength.
  • Count mode - counts the number of presses that exceed a previously defined strength limit.
  • Clarity - usually, the weight can be displayed in both kilograms and pounds.
  • Variable stiffness - the built-in springs with different resistances make the handgrip dynamometer ideal for a variety of target groups, such as children, pensioners or sportsmen.
  • Rehabilitation - as part of a rehabilitation program, a hand grip dynamometer enables medical staff to check the suitability of a patient's hands to perform a certain type of exercise.
  • Security - safe and comfortable use is usually possible thanks to a non-slip rubber grip. Of course, they are also equipped with safe protection to minimize the risk of crushing injuries.

With us you will find hand grip dynamometers of different models that are perfectly suited for different purposes.

Do you need help or personal advice? Then do not hesitate to contact our eminent staff. From them you will get answers to your questions and advice regarding which hand grip dynamometer might suit you best according to your needs and requirements.

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