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Digital Hanging scale Salter 10kg/10g

Hanging scale 44kg/10g with auto hold

Hanging scale universal 50,0/0,1kg

Crane and hanging scales

We offer crane scales with a wide range of applications and high performance.

The crane scales are designed to weigh hanging loads up to 50 tons. In some cases even more than that. Here you will find professional crane scales in different designs for different needs that make weighing simple and problem-free.

The crane scales have a wide range of applications and provide optimal mobility in, for example, warehouses, production, forwarding, logistics, etc. In short, a crane scale is indispensable in many industries. Here you will find some of the market's best options, which have been carefully selected to meet the requirements and your needs.

All models have excellent ease of use and the results are easily read - even from longer distances.

Do you feel unsure about which scale is the best option for you? Try our new product guide for crane scales and small hanging scales. Browse through the products to find just the crane scale that fits the needs within your company.

4 reasons to choose a crane scale from us

  • High quality. We offer the market's most robust, solid and precise crane scales.
  • Good price. We want to offer the best scales on the market - always at good prices.
  • Scales for everyone. We have an extensive range of scale models that suit all industries and needs.
  • Expertise. We at Vetek are a leading supplier of scales and weighing systems that also have extensive experience in manufacturing our own products. 

If you have any questions, are in need of advice or want additional information about our crane scales, you are most welcome to contact our support, where you will get quick help when you need it.

A crane scale is an aid for you who continuously need to weigh hanging loads. You hang what you want to weigh on the hook and then find out its weight. At Vetek you will find hook scales and crane scales with a weight capacity from 5 kg up to over 5 tons.

Crane scales and hanging scales with low weight capacity

Our crane scales with low weight capacity can handle anything from 5 to 300 kg. They all have different graduations, a scale with a capacity of 300 kg weighs in 100 gram increments. The scales are usually small even when they can handle higher weights. A small crane scale works perfectly as, for example, a fishing scale and you can easily hold it in your hand. It is most common with digital displays, which are easy to read.

In this category you will also find small spring scales with a maximum capacity of 1 kg. Some of them display results in Newtons, making them excellent for measuring pulling capacities. A small crane scale can be a good choice for schools and educational institutes, but also for research institutes where everything must be weighed with the utmost accuracy.

Crane scales and hanging scales with higher weight capacity

Crane scales with a higher weight capacity, up to several tons, can be advantageously used in workshops, agriculture and for lifting boats. Many of the scales have a remote control to be controlled from a distance. If you are going to use the scale where there is a risk of splashing water, you should choose a scale with an IP rating to be sure it can handle it. At Vetek, you will also find crane and hanging scales that can withstand salt water.

We offer crane scales with double safety that can handle a maximum weight of 100 tonnes. In the category you will also find high-quality dynamometers with the same high capacity. For those who prefer mechanical instead of digital scales, you will also find such at Vetek. We have a mechanical crane scale with a weight capacity of up to 20 tons.

Things to consider when choosing a crane scale

Before you buy a crane scale, you should make sure that the scale you choose fits the business and the requirements you have. A hanging scale can be used in a variety of businesses and industries and the important thing is that you choose one that meets your needs. For example in warehouses, it may be necessary to have a portable scale that can handle lower weight capacities. It can easily be taken from one place to another so that you don't have to move the goods to be weighed.

Some of the hook scales in our range are wireless. Some of them are also equipped with Bluetooth so you can use them with your smartphone. A few of the scales in our range are delivered without a hook, something you then have to purchase. We also offer a lot of accessories for our crane scales, such as hand-held displays.

Buy a high-quality crane scale at Vetek

At Vetek, we have focused on high-quality scales for over 20 years, which has given us good experience. With us you will find scales from well-known brands such as Kern. They are also available with different IP ratings and functions. We recommend that you read the product descriptions to find the right crane scale.

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