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Analytical balance Radwag Ellipsis, 82g/0,01mg. 220g/0,1mg.

Analytical balance touch screen 220g/0,1mg. OIML. Radwag.

Bench scale 60kg/1g, Ohaus Ranger 7000, 377x311mm.

Microbalance Radwag MYA.5Y.P, 21g/0,001mg
Analytical scales

Microbalance Radwag MYA.5Y.P, 21g/0,001mg

Article no: MYA 21.5Y.P
€ 18 620,00

Precision balance 15,1kg/0,01g. Intern cal. Radwag

Precision balance Dini 1500g/0,02g
Bench scales

Precision balance Dini 1500g/0,02g

Article no: HLD1500
€ 475,00

Precision scale Dini HLD 3000g/0,05g

Precisionsvåg Radwag WLY 6kg/0,1g. 300x300mm. Touchscreen.

Ultra microbalance Radwag UYA 2,1g/0,0001mg.

Ultra microbalance Radwag UYA.5Y.F, 2,1g/0,0001mg

Precision scales

Vetek has a large range of accurate precision scales. This is where our scales for ultimate precision is gathered, with the ability to weigh with tremendous accuracy. We have durable, accurate and price-friendly scales from our own range and other manufacturers. When you buy, free shipping is always included and your precision scale delivered quickly.

We can offer IQ/OQ/PQ Validation on the scales we sell. Please contact us if you would like a price proposal for it.

What is a precision scale?

Precision balances are a type of laboratory balance that works great for use in the lab but also has its place and is very useful in other environments. Lab scales, and above all precision scales, are used when you need to obtain the most accurate weight possible, depending on what you are weighing. There are scales that do not have very high accuracy, while some analytical scales, for example, can detect parts of both milli and micrograms. The useful precision scale has a wide capacity range and falls somewhere in between.

The width means that you can easily find a precision scale that does its job flawlessly in almost any environment. They cope with differences in temperature and drafts, and are often resistant to shocks and vibrations. There are precision scales that can easily weigh heavy materials and objects - but can´t many different scales do that? Yes, but not all are able to give you results that are not only accurate but can also be used in scientific contexts, and this is where the precision scale is at its best.

If you are thinking about perhaps purchasing several types of scales for your organization or your company because you need a range of different types of functions, you are absolutely right to look among our precision scales. Chances are good that you can find everything you need in one and the same wave, whether you will be out in the factory or in a goldsmith's shop - or both!

A lot of time is often spent on preparations and sampling before the actual weighing, and then it is important to be able to trust the results and have a reliable scale. Time is money, not to mention patience, and especially outside the lab, not having to make sure every aspect of the environment is ideal can be valuable. How do you do it? With a precision scale, of course!

Areas of use for precision scales

You are unlikely to have missed that precision scales can be used in a wide variety of areas, but there are certainly some examples where they are particularly popular and effective. In medicine and the pharmaceutical industry, you'll find a precision scale in almost every lab, not surprising considering how good they are at weighing everything from large amounts of liquids to precise doses and equipment. Even cosmetics with their small volumes use precision scales, not least because many are precise enough to use the weight of products sold in the retail trade.

Because precision scales combine high accuracy with both robustness and durability, they are perfectly suited to the factory floor amid dust and noise, and the high capacity makes the precision scale a favorite on construction sites. Even teachers often prefer precision scales precisely for their durability and the ability to stack them. The jewelery industry also requires precise figures in different environments, so here too the precision scale has its place.


There's plenty of features to choose from when looking for a precision scale, but they're still easy to use so don't worry! They can withstand both drafts and different temperatures, from 5-10 up to 35-40 degrees. Despite the ease of use, many precision scales are able to analyze and store a lot of data and have counting functions, percentage weighing as well as filters and interval weighing. They are often programmable and can save both users and products - with a login so no unauthorized person can change your settings.

Once you have your data calculated and saved, it is very easy to transfer the information to other devices: the precision scales that do not have Wi-Fi come with sockets for USB or RS232. Some have hooks on the underside so you can weigh materials and objects that have unusual shapes, and many have a touch screen and backlight. Choose from different measuring units, protection and accessories - feel free to ask us for help!

Different accuracies

We have precision scales with every capacity and accuracy you can imagine, so it's only your imagination – and budget! - which sets the limits. As a rule, it can be said that these properties go hand in hand, where a high capacity means a slightly lower accuracy. If you need to weigh larger materials or heavy objects, we have scales that can handle up to 2000 kg with an accuracy of 20 g, while others have a capacity of 150 kg/1 g. If you are working with smaller samples and quantities, there are of course precision scales for that purpose as well. If you still weigh in kg, we have everything from 16 kg/0.1 g to 1 kg/0.001 g and some scales are also more accurate at lower weights, for example up to 200 g/0.001 g and then still manage 2000 g /0.01 g. You can also find precision scales with accuracies of 1 mg and 0.1 mg right down to 0.01 mg!

Portable variants

Most of the durable precision scales are relatively easy to move around, but of course there are those that are particularly good for taking with you. In addition to many of the usual functions, the portable versions often come with extra batteries and transport locks and are just as good and easy to use.

Buy the precision scale from us at Vetek if you want accurate results - down to the smallest milligram. Our range is available in a number of different variants and capacities. Contact us for more information!

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