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Moisture content scales

In activities such as agriculture, the food industry, laboratories, schools and at treatment plants, you may need a moisture content scale to measure the moisture content to ensure quality. Here you will find our user-friendly moisture content scales in several different capacities and designs.

Areas of use for a moisture content scale

Knowing the moisture content of a product can be necessary in several businesses. It can be about agriculture, the food industry, laboratories, schools and at treatment plants. At Vetek, we offer moisture content scales from brands such as Radwag, Ohaus and Kern.

In our range, we have both portable and stationary moisture content scales with varying functions so that they can be used in all types of companies and operations. Measure moisture content with the right moisture content scale and you can make work more efficient. A moisture content scale can be used to analyze waste water or to carry out soil analyses. They can also be useful in the ceramics industry as well as for testing grain.

Heat sources in moisture content scales

A moisture content scale needs a heat source to be able to dry what you are measuring and thus determine its moisture content. The scales can be equipped with different heat sources. In our range, we have moisture content scales with infrared heating, halogen and quartz glass. The goal is for the sample to dry as quickly as possible and for the results to be accurate. Some scales in the range that measure moisture content have a readability of 0.01%.

High-quality moisture content meters for grain

If you work in agriculture or other businesses where analysis is done on grain, it can be beneficial to have a portable moisture meter that can analyze whole grains. You simply place the whole grain in the vessel and start the meter. There are variants of meters with a measuring speed of five seconds, which makes them suitable for continuous moisture analysis of grain.

Choose a moisture content scale with digital display

Clarity is important in all types of measurement and analysis, which is why all our moisture content scales are equipped with digital displays. This makes it easy to read the result. When you buy your scale, it always comes with a manual that explains how to get started with use and readings.

The digital display can also be equipped with a touch screen that has an icon-based menu navigation. Before choosing a product, you can read their detailed product descriptions where you will find the specifications of the moisture meter to see if it covers your needs.

Capacity for moisture content scales

As with any other type of scale, it is important to choose a moisture content scale with the right capacity for your needs. At Vetek, you are offered models with different capacities. There are, among other things, 90, 110, 200 and 220 mg. The division of the scales varies from 0.1 mg to over 10 mg.

Accuracy is also very important when choosing a moisture content scale for your business, especially when it comes to low weights. You should keep in mind that a good accuracy should be between 0.1 and 0.01% for a moisture scale.

Vetek offers user-friendly moisture content scales

There is a risk that a product that is difficult to use will just sit around and thus be of no use to your business, which is why we at Vetek have focused on user-friendly models. You should quickly and easily obtain a correct result that can easily be sent directly to the computer.

Another decisive factor is how easy it is to clean the moisture content scale as it can often be a matter of measuring dirty material. They should preferably be able to be taken apart for cleaning and then be able to be put together without an instruction manual. No tools should be needed for cleaning.

The advantage of a moisture content scale

The possibility of being able to carry out a moisture measurement with proper drying in both production and processing of raw materials and finished products has a decisive impact on the quality of the product. It is important in both the food industry and the energy industry.

The most used drying method is with halogen and the advantages of the method are many. It heats the sample evenly without the risk of burning it. In addition, the measurement precision is up to 0.01%, which is very high. Many times this type of moisture content scale also offers several drying programs - such as soft drying, quick drying, standard drying and drying in levels.

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