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Nokia aims to use technology and design to offer innovative products and apps that help you with your lifestyle. By connecting different products, you can get an overall picture of what your physique looks like and how you can make changes to improve your health. Information about different values can be very valuable and that's exactly what Nokia can give you access to. The products we offer are not just for marathon runners and other athletes, but suit anyone who has goals for their well-being and wants to achieve their goals for a balanced lifestyle.

A Nokia scale is much more than just an instrument for weighing weight. With highly advanced technical sensors, the scales can measure many different factors, including body fat, water content, bone mass and muscle mass, heart condition, blood flow and much more. It is the combination of all this information that makes the Nokia person scale a perfect tool when you need to create your own training schedule.
By connecting the scale with a Nokia activity tracker or by using the built-in app, you can always have a schedule with you of how much you should move to achieve your goals. Do not hesitate to make a purchase and take your health towards new goals!

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