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Tanita is a Japanese company that has long manufactured electronic scales of extremely high quality. Each tanita scale uses technology developed by the company to provide the best possible overall picture of your health. A tanita weighing can give you information not only about the weight itself, but also how it is distributed in terms of muscle and fat mass throughout the body, body water, bone mass, how old your metabolic age is and much more. After the information is collected, Tanita helps you plan the best way to exercise or strength train, whether you are an athlete or not.

We at Vetek are very proud to be able to offer a wide range of different products from Tanita. Measurement with an extremely high accuracy is something you get from every tanita scale, but depending on your exact needs there are many different products to choose from. Scales that can wirelessly communicate with health monitors, scales with printers that allow you to print your results, and portable scales that can be easily carried around by doctors moving between their patients. Do not hesitate to buy a Tanita scale from Vetek. It helps you get control over health and exercise.

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AC/DC adapter for Tanita BWB-800

AC/DC adapter for Tanita BWB-800

Article no: Adapter-BWB-800
€ 179,00

ANT + Wireless Body Composition Monitor, 200kg/0,1kg

Medically approved software
Person scales

Medically approved software

Article no: Gmon Pro
€ 690,00

Mini Body Composition Monitor, 150kg/0,1kg

Tanita personal scale, fat, water, 200,0/0,1kg

Tanita Segmental Body composition monitor, 150kg/0,1kg

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