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Analytical balance Radwag Ellipsis, 82g/0,01mg. 220g/0,1mg.

Analytical balance touch screen 220g/0,1mg. OIML. Radwag.

Microbalance Radwag MYA.5Y.P, 21g/0,001mg
Analytical scales

Microbalance Radwag MYA.5Y.P, 21g/0,001mg

Article no: MYA 21.5Y.P
€ 18 620,00

Ultra microbalance Radwag UYA 2,1g/0,0001mg.

Ultra microbalance Radwag UYA.5Y.F, 2,1g/0,0001mg

Analytical scales

At Vetek, we offer a wide range of high-quality analytical scales. Thanks to their extreme sensitivity and precision, the analytical scales can weigh in micrograms. Here you can choose from several scales to find the one that suits you best.

Within the category you can choose from:

Analytical scales 0 grams - 200 grams
Analytical scales 200 grams - 2 kilograms
Our range of analytical balances are user-friendly and easy to use. With the clear LCD display that each model has, you can quickly read the result without any problems. In addition to that, there is also the possibility to set the scales to many different units of measurement, so that you get the exact answer that you need for the purpose.

Buy your analytical scale from us when you want exact results - down to the smallest microgram. You are guaranteed a scale with minimal fluctuation in weighing, great mechanical robustness and extraordinary user-friendliness.
Contact us for personal advice and more information.

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