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Analytical balance Radwag XA 5Y 210g/0,01mg

Price: € 13 780,00
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XA 210.5Y
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3-4 weeks
Available in several variants
XA 52.5Y € 11 890,00
XA 82/220.5Y € 12 440,00
XA 110.5Y € 12 169,00
XA 120/250.5Y € 13 780,00
XA 210.5Y € 13 780,00
XA 220.5Y € 12 170,00
XA 310.5Y € 12 439,00
XA 520.5Y € 13 440,00


4Y PLUS Balances (Reflex Level System, Smart Min Weight, Integrated Ionizer, Two-Point Adjustment and Much More) – You Have It Already. With ELLIPSIS Balances, You Have the Same and More:

Digital Weighing Auditor
Ensures that your balance is ready for use. It enables air buoyancy compensation in real-time. What is more, it informs about the need for a balance inspection or a periodic audit of the balance’s accuracy and sensitivity.

10-Inch Display
Bigger screen – 10’’ – means more information in one place. On the new ELLIPSIS terminal, you will see up to 3 screens, widgets, graphs, statuses, notes, handy measurement history.

Uncompromising User Verification
For the first time ever, the balance will verify the user using a password, RFID card, fingerprint reader, facial recognition mechanism, or any combination of these.

Ambient Light – An Innovative Way for the Balance to Communicate With the User
The light colour will tell you about status, process results, procedures, or alerts.

Use the balance on any device connected to it. This can be a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

ELLIPSIS works with RFID tags* that can be used to tag your products or formulation ingredients in the database. They can also be used to identify a user.

*RFID ISO/IEC 14443 Type A, 13.56 MHz

Live Note – Note Down Your Conclusions
It’s the first time you can add a voice memo to a measurement series or procedure report. If you prefer to write it down, ELLIPSIS allows you to add a text note.

Handy Library
This is where a series of recent measurements or a report ready for digital signature, according to 21 CFR Part 11, can be found.   

Prepared to display what you need most at any given moment.


  • Approved according to: OIML
  • Calibration: Internal
  • Capacity (g): 210 g
  • Connection options: PC
    Ethernet (standard)
    RS232 (standard)
    USB (standard)
    WiFi (standard)
  • Display: Touch
  • Function: Check weighing
    Percent weighing
    Counting function (NOT counting scale)
  • Intended for: Professionally
  • Material: ABS housing (plastic)
  • Performance: Power supply
  • Platform lenght (mm): 90 mm
  • Platform width (mm): 90 mm
  • Resolution (mg): 0,01 mg


  • Manual XA UYA MYA PM 5Y series ENG.pdf Download
  • Start up guide XA 5Y series ENG.pdf Download

Accessories / Spare parts

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Anti-Draft chamber for Radwag XA 4Y and 5Y balances

Calibration of scale up to 200kg, including certificate.
Bench scales

Calibration of scale, including certificate

Article no: KAL-1
Price from: € 89,00

Available in several variants

Fingerprint Reader for Radwag Ellipsis  laboratory balances

ISO 17025 calibration of scale up to 5kg incl. certificate

ISO 17025 calibration of scale incl. certificate.

Article no: ISO 17025-5kg
Price from: € 154,00

Available in several variants

ISO 17025 calibration of scale up to 5kg incl. certificate

Article no: ISO 17025-5kg
€ 154,00

Available in several variants
Price from: € 154,00

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