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Universal scale wireless 300kg/100g, 800x600x130mm.

Animal scales

We at Vetek always strive to offer scales of high quality and at good prices. Our animal scales are no exception. A good animal scale is as important to a veterinarian as a normal scale is to a doctor. With us you can find animal scales from both Kern and Universal, both of which are well-known brands in the industry. When you choose an animal scale, you should start from what weight the scale needs to handle, but also what measurement range the scale has. If you work a lot with smaller animals, you need a scale that is very accurate. It is also important that it can handle weights of less than one kilogram.

Veterinary scale

In our range, you will find both scales that are suitable for weighing small pets and larger scales for livestock that can handle up to 1,000 kilos. In addition to having a good and accurate weighing function, all our pet scales are covered with a rubber mat so that paws and claws can stand firmly and not slip. The scales often also come with a wall mount for the display unit, making it easy to read the results. Some models also have a holding function that is able to produce an average value of the weight, even if the animal is not standing still and it is difficult to get accurate measurement results.

Customizable animal scales

You can place an animal scale for dogs both on the floor and on a table, depending on the size of the dog. Because the scales are compact in design and light in weight, they are also easy to move if the need arises. Some models also have two rolls and a handle that facilitates transport. Since the smallest weight some of the scales can measure is as little as 20 grams, they also work well for weighing food portions and similar. It is an advantage for those who want to be able to weigh things in different weight classes on the same scale.

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