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Double plate weighing system for forklifts

Hydraulic weighing kit for stackers

Kit for dynamic weighing of vehicle 20ton, 900x700 mm.

Scale for fork lifts, mount on hydraulic. 12V

Wheel weighing 600 kg
Vehicle scales

Wheel weighing 600 kg

Article no: TPS600
€ 985,00

Vehicle scales

Here you will find the market's best alternative of vehicle scales. Using a vehicle scale that works flawlessly and provides precise measurements is important in many different situations. From experience, we at Vetek know the importance of a good vehicle scale. Therefore, we can offer you as a customer a range of different models when it is time for you to buy a new vehicle scale.

The vehicle scale is often at the center of, for example, car inspections and at transport companies, so it is of great importance that it works flawlessly. We offer many different types of vehicle scales - everything from portable vehicle scales that are completely wireless for those who need to be able to weigh cars in many different places, to dynamic solutions that can measure weight while driving. Their common denominator is that they all offer high precision and the best imaginable quality.

In the category for car scales, we at Vetek can offer:

  • Dynamic vehicle scales
  • Portable vehicle scales
  • Stationary vehicle scales
  • Verified vehicle scales
  • Verified portable vehicle scales
  • Wireless portable vehicle scales
  • Wireless and verified portable vehicle scales
  • Used portable vehicle scales
  • Accessories for vehicle scales

Since 2008, it has been a requirement that all vehicle scales used in connection with various types of trade must be so-called "verified". That's why we at Vetek have also included verified car scales in our range to be able to offer you when you need a new vehicle scale - regardless of whether you will have it for trade or not.

Are you looking for a top quality vehicle scale, but not sure which model to choose? With us at Vetek, you will find reliable vehicle scales that can handle most things.

Feel free to click on to our Product Guide to familiarize yourself with our product range and to find the perfect option according to your needs.

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