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Platform steel Radwag 6kg, 300x300 mm.

Ramp stainless steel platform 600kg. IP68. 840x860x76 mm.

Weighing platform 60kg 400x400x140. OIML C3

Weighing platforms

At Vetek you will find robust weighing platforms. Our assortment consists of a range of weighing platforms of varying sizes and with different capacities.

In the range you will find weighing platforms that are well suited for both dry and wet areas, bases and usage indicators. A weighing platform is ideal for general weighing and simple counting applications and is widely used in production, packaging, shipping, warehousing and receiving areas.

We offer varied sizes that can be used on both bench and the floor. The simple, yet robust, frame-shaped base design and its indicators give you weighing results you can trust and facilitate both the small and the big moments. Our weighing plates are a perfect solution for weighing applications that require reliability within an affordable budget.

Within the category for weighin platforms you will find:

  • Weighing platform
  • Weighing platforms, entirely in stainless steel
  • Weighing platforms, up to 30 kilos
  • Weighing platforms, 30 - 600 kilos
  • Accessories

ATTENTION! If you buy only a weighing platform, it must be supplemented with a scale indicator.

What you can expect as a customer with us

At Vetek, you can trust that we offer the best that the market has to offer in scales. The three most important factors to consider when purchasing a scale are capacity, resolution and accuracy.

For a long time we have also had our own design and manufacture of our own scales and weighing systems, which has made us a leading manufacturer. What we do not manufacture ourselves, we import from carefully selected manufacturers and therefore we can offer a scale for basically everyone.

In addition, we aim to always compete in terms of price, while maintaining a very high level of service and quality. In short, high quality goes without saying with us, regardless of which scale model you are interested in, which industry you operate in and for what purpose the scale is to be used.

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