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Code of conduct (pdf download here!)

Vetek wants to create benefit for customers, employees, suppliers and owners, while we contribute to sustainable development. To achieve this, we work actively with good business ethics and social commitment. We take climate and the environment into account and strive for long-term and trusting relationships. The Code of Conduct shows the way by describing our values ​​and the demands we place on employees and business partners. With continuous improvements, we take responsibility as a serious supplier in our industry.


The foundation for the code of conduct is Vetek’s core values ​​that guide us in everything we do. Vetek recognizes the UN Global Compact, and the Code of Conduct is based on its 10 principles in the areas of human rights, labour law, the environment and the fight against corruption. The principles of the Code of Conduct are also based on the UN Declaration of Human Rights and the ILO's core conventions on labour rights.

  • The code of conduct applies to everyone at Vetek, from the board and management, to individual employees, and the content of the code must be respected and followed.
  • We require that the Code of Conduct is respected and followed by our business partners (customers, collaboration partners, suppliers).
  • The Code of Conduct comprises a general framework, complemented with detailed rules and guidelines in specific areas.


Down to earth, Developing, Personal and Reliable - these are Vetek’s fundamental core values ​​on which our entire brand is based. Vetek’ s core values ​​are how we are as people, what we stand for, how we work, what we can achieve and what we want to be perceived as. In all parts of our business, we work actively with our core values.

  • Down to earth

We want to work close to our customers. Before we undertake an assignment, we must know that we have access to the resources required to do a good job. We must be known for a down-to-earth approach with short decision paths and be sensitive to customers' interests.

  • Developmental

We must be innovative, flexible and constantly improve ourselves. We will take advantage of our employees' skills and offer good opportunities for development, education and wellness. We want our employees to be committed and involved in the business and contribute to our positive development. At Vetek, we will have the opportunity to influence our work situation.

  • Personal

We will be the personal company. Through an honest and trusting dialogue with our customers and suppliers, we will create and maintain long-term and good relationships. We will work to ensure that our work tasks can be reconciled with family and leisure interests. We want good communication, good atmosphere and respect for the individual to prevail at Vetek.

  • Reliable

Our customers should feel safe when they hire Vetek. This means that we must always behave with good business ethics, competence and professional skills. We must have good planning, do the right thing from the beginning, eliminate risks and keep promised times. We must comply with laws and requirements, choose the best possible technology, prioritize renewable resources and avoid environmentally harmful substances.


We follow laws and regulations

Vetek and our distributors, retailers, partners, etc. follow the laws, rules and regulations that apply in markets where we deliver our products.

We do not accept corruption

Vetek always acts responsibly and ethically in business relationships. We do not tolerate any form of corruption, bribery or extortion. This means, among other things, that:

  • We act and make decisions without regard to personal gain for our relatives or us. We also do not use relationships with business partners for our own gain.
  • We avoid situations that may create or give the impression of creating conflicts of interest. If a conflict of interest cannot be avoided, this must be reported openly to the immediate superior. If an employee conducts business outside Vetek (so-called ancillary employment), this must be approved by Vetek.
  • We never violate current laws on giving or taking bribes. We do not give or receive gifts or services with a value that exceeds Vetek’s established levels, and do not participate in representation beyond normal business operations. We adapt to business partners' rules on gifts, representation and more, if these are stricter than Vetek.

We follow competition law

Vetek acts for healthy competition in tenders, tenders, procurement and purchasing.

  • We do not accept any form of illegal anti-competitive measure, such as price collusion, cartel formation, etc.
  • We act correctly and do not engage in undue influence or manipulation so that competition is distorted.

We strive to prevent financial crime

Vetek takes responsibility for combating financial crime.

  • We keep accurate records of financial transactions.
  • We oppose and actively work to prevent illicit work.


We prioritize a safe working environment and health

Vetek workplace must be safe and secure, without accidents. We put the employees' health and job satisfaction at the centre

  • We work long-term and systematically to develop the work environment and promote the health of employees, to prevent injuries and illness.
  • At the Vetek workplace, everyone must be involved in the work environment work and follow Vetek’s guidelines and the workplace's rules. Employees take responsibility for their own and others' work environment. We think in everyday life and are afraid of each other and ourselves.
  • At Vetek workplace, there must be adequate equipment and competence for the protection of people and property
  • We work to ensure that the entire value chain, in accordance with each country's work environment legislation, works for a healthy and safe work environment.

We work for equality and diversity

The equal value of all human beings is a matter of course. Vetek works to increase diversity and gender equality in all parts of the business. The same rights and opportunities regardless of gender, transgender identity or expression, ethnicity, religion or other belief, disability, sexual orientation or age shall cover all.

We do not accept abusive victimisation or discrimination

Vetek has zero tolerance for all forms of abusive discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment, bullying and discrimination. We have a responsibility to prevent, deter and act. All employees and business partners who see or suspect violations are obliged to report this.

We do not accept child labour

All forms of violence, coercion or exploitation of children are unacceptable. A child under the age of 15 is counted here as a child, unless legislation prescribes a higher minimum age. Workers under the age of 18 must be specially protected from dangerous tasks that pose a risk to health and safety.

We do not accept forced or bonded labour

Work shall be conducted on a voluntary basis. Personal documents and possessions may not be confiscated in order to force people to work. Employees shall be free to leave the workplace at the end of a work shift. Illicit labour may not be used.

We uphold the right to freedom of association

Vetek does not accept any restrictions on the right to freedom of association or collective bargaining. Employees shall be able to exercise these rights without being hindered or retaliation, even in countries where the right to organise is limited or prohibited.

We uphold the right to reasonable employment conditions

Vetek does not accept terms of employment that violate national and local laws or the ILO's core conventions.

  • Signed collective agreements must be respected and followed.
  • Working hours and minimum wage must comply with national laws in the country where the product is manufactured or the service is performed.


We care about the climate and the environment

Vetek contributes to sustainable societal development and works continuously to prevent environmental risks and minimize our impact on the environment and climate.

  • Our environmental work is carried out systematically and integrated into the business.
  • We comply with and respect laws and other relevant environmental requirements.
  • Our employees must have relevant skills based on the work tasks' impact on the environment.

We work to reduce the business' environmental impact

Vetek actively focuses on the areas where the business has the greatest environmental impact from a life cycle perspective and works with Phasing out of environmentally and health hazardous substances in materials and production

  • Reduced climate impact from transport and production
  • Material efficiency in production by preventing material waste and increasing recycling rates.

Vetek works gradually and with constant improvements to achieve better environmental performance. Employees and business partners at Vetek’s workplace are responsible for reporting deviations and environmental events. We encourage knowledge of, and the development and dissemination of, environmentally friendly technology.

We establish requirements for our business partners

Vetek’s business partners and their environmental performance play an important role in our environmental work. This is incorporated in purchasing processes in the form of requirements and guidelines. In collaboration with our business partners, we will drive the development of environmentally green products and solutions.


We require compliance with the Code of Conduct

The principles of the Code of Conduct are followed up regularly as a natural part of operations. In this respect, executive management and managers at all levels have a special responsibility to lead by example. An employee who is uncertain about the application of these principles in day-to-day operations can turn to their manager for guidance. Employees of Vetek shall sound the alarm if they suspect actions contravening the Code of Conduct or legislation. Vetek offers several options for reporting suspected breaches. In the first instance, employees of Vetek and its business partners should report to their line manager. If a Vetek employee fails to act in accordance with the Code of Conduct, this will result in disciplinary action. If a business partner repeatedly or seriously breaches the Code of Conduct, the business partnership will be terminated.


This code shall be adopted by the board of directors each year in conjunction with the board meeting dealing with the year-end report.

Väddö 2021-01-02

Patrik Viktorsson, VD


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