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Thank you for considering buying a Vetek product!


Upon ordering, a sales agreement is met when Vetek has confirmed the order through an e-mail or facsimile order confirmation. Note that we usually confirm the receipt of your order first. An order confirmation will follow our check as to the ability to meet the requested delivery date of the order. Any request for special methods of transport should be indicated on the order.

The prices on the web shop are valid for as long as the product is shown. All prices are VAT-excluded. We reserve the right to change prices due to unusually large changes to the currency or purchase prices.

Terms of payment
A company may receive 30 days credit following the standard credit review. As a company you can also pay by credit card.

If you wish to purchase as a private person, we must add Swedish taxes of 25%. The method of payment is always credit card or advance payment.

Delivery times
Our web shop offers normal delivery times. We normally deliver within 2-5 working days. If for some reason we are out of stock, we will contact the customer by e-mail or by telephone. Our alternatives are: to send a similar product which gives a better performance and has a higher listed price at the same price; to give information on the resulting delivery time on that product which you have ordered; or to annul the order.

For faster deliveries with immediate delivery (within 24 hours), please contact us.

Delivery delays
If a delay in delivery occurs, we will inform you by e-mail. As a customer, you always have the right to cancel the order due to delays in delivery. We will be sure to do our best possible in ensuring the delivery of your order. There may be occasions when it is impossible to complete an order, e.g. when our supplier cannot complete his order to us. We reserve the right to be released from all reimbursement to customers with regards to delivery delays.

Costs for transport
For deliveries to companies within the EU, the cost for transport is EUR 25-50 for all products with the exception of Floor scales, Big Crane scales, Weigh beam scales, Pallet Scales where the cost is EUR 100-150. For private persons a VAT of 25% will be added. Deliveries are normally made by Schenker or DHL. For deliveries outside of the EU the cost for delivery will be indicated in our order confirmation.

Transport risks
We cover the transport risks, that is, the risk of the product being damaged or lost during transport from our stock to you. The risk for an eventual return to us will be covered by you.

Vetek offers a 1-year guarantee on our products unless otherwise indicated. On many products, e.g. the Block Scale and most medical scales we offer a 3-year guarantee. The guarantee is valid if any products, through normal use, malfunction. The guarantee is valid from the date of purchase and includes repair of production and material faults.

Faulty delivery
Should we deliver the incorrect amount or wrong product, it is important to inform us as soon as possible so that we can correct the fault. This is done most simply through a telephone call, a facsimile or by e-mailing us.

Transport costs for claims.
We cover all damages which may arise during transport to the customer. If upon arrival the product is damaged, it should immediately be reported to the supplier of the product. Should the supplier not accept the responsibility of damages, please contact us. Upon returns from the customer to us, the customer covers damages which may occur during transport.

We reserve the right for any errors in the text or pictures. Copying of these terms is illegal.

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