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Business concept

Vetek's business concept is to provide our customers with fast and professional service and provide affordable products that meet or exceed customers' expectations.


Our quality policy (Download our quality policy as pdf, click here)

Vetek is a company that with clear business areas and rational logistics, markets its goods primarily in the Nordic region, the rest of the EU and a smaller share globally. By constantly keeping track of new products and trends, we must always be able to offer our customers modern and affordable products. For us, it is a matter of course to meet the requirements set by applicable standards and directives. Constant development and change means that we become a leading supplier of scales and weighing systems. Our philosophy is that we stock all items we sell if they are sold at least once a year. This means that we have a large warehouse but also a large strength as we can deliver quickly.

We are customer focused! It is the customer who pays our salaries. We are guided by creating customer value and Vetek's existence depends on whether the customers value what we provide and the value we create for the customer. If not, the foundation for our continued operations will be eroded. In prioritizing between different tasks, we must always choose the task that creates the most value for our costumers first. 

Väddö 2022-02-15

Patrik Viktorsson, CEO

Patrik Viktorsson, VD

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