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Quality system          

This quality system applies to Vetek Weighing AB (abbreviated VW). VW is certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015. Vetek trades and manufactures scales and products in industrial weighing, etc.

Scope and application

The quality system is primarily intended to provide guidance on organization, methods and working methods. The system is undergoing continuous improvement and will therefore change and develop. VW is a small specialist company with 12 employees. The company works closely with customers in a flexible way of working.

Quality policy

Vetek is a company that, via clear business areas and rational logistics, markets its goods mainly in the Nordics, the rest of the EU and a smaller share globally. By continuously keeping track of new products and trends, we must constantly be able to offer our customers modern and affordable products. For us, it is a matter of course to fulfill the requirements set by applicable standards and directives. Constant development and change make us a leading supplier of scales and weighing systems. Our philosophy is that all items we sell at least once a year, we keep in stock. This means that we have a large inventory but also a great strength as we can deliver quickly.

We are customer focused! It is the customer who pays our wages. We are guided by creating customer benefit and Vetek's existence depends on whether the customers value what we provide and the value we create for the customer. If not, the basis for our continued business is eroded. When prioritizing different work tasks, we must always do the task that creates the most value for the customer first.

Routine description

Routine description is an overall description of who does what and which underlying instructions the routine includes. Routine descriptions are structured with main sections for purpose, scope and implementation, which are reported in routine and process documents. The directions, instructions and supporting documents of the routine descriptions are used in the daily work with quality planning and quality assurance. Assignments and activities are quality planned and quality assured to ensure that specified requirements are met. VW has, among other things, routines for preventive and corrective measures, handling of deviations and complaints.

The company management's review

Review of the quality system is carried out when necessary or at least twice a year.


A prerequisite for quality work is that the employees are active and committed. In order to be able to apply the quality system's routines in an effective manner, all personnel are therefore trained and routines for information and introduction are incorporated. Tasks that require special competence and authorization are performed by authorized personnel or subcontractors. We also hold monthly meetings where the staff are updated on the company's routines and quality assurance.

Quality system

Basic for VW; s quality is to maintain good personal self-control by having very close access to current Standards, norms, requirements and guidelines and to always allow these to follow through products and projects. Appropriate working methods are therefore checklists adapted for each type of project, service or product we handle. VW owns and disposes of qualified measuring equipment in the field of technology and also has the knowledge to use these in the right way. The equipment meets current standards and is calibrated in accordance with the requirements specified in the standards. VW continuously follows developments in our field in terms of standards and directives etc., and updates both knowledge and instruments when necessary.


For most products, references according to International standards/norms in weighing apply. In addition, norms, guidelines and requirements according to the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, Government decisions and the Swedish Occupational Safety and Health Board etc. apply.

Management of documents and data

VW archives all documents on various servers and backups with at least 3-fold security. All documents produced by VW are saved for at least 20 years.

Equipment for control, adjustment and calibration.

VW uses qualified measuring equipment with measurement accuracy according to current standards for various products. The equipment is calibrated with a time interval of 1-2 years depending on current requirements, e.g. the equipment can be sent to the supplier or RISE for inspection. Furthermore, recurring self-checks are made with "comparison measurements" between different measuring equipment.

Treatment of deviant products

If VW delivers a faulty product, it is part of VW's responsibility to help rectify the fault free of charge. If errors and deficiencies are discovered within VW; s area of responsibility, VW participates in finding out the causes of errors and deficiencies. In the event that it turns out that VW is the cause of the fault, VW will help the customer with free work/replacement to fix the fault so that the product functions properly.

Quality document

Manuals, drawings, technical descriptions etc. for the products are available on our website or in some cases stored on our servers and function in themselves as part of all quality documents.

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