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Analytical balance Kern ACJ 320g/1mg. Verified M.

Price: € 2 639,00
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Article no:
ACJ 300-4M
Stock status:
2-3 weeks
Available in several variants
ACS 80-4 € 1 635,00
ACS 100-4 € 1 759,00
ACS 200-4 € 1 885,00
ACS 300-4 € 2 139,00
ACJ 80-4M € 2 135,00
ACJ 100-4M € 2 185,00
ACJ 200-4M € 2 319,00
ACJ 300-4M € 2 639,00


  • The bestseller in analytical balances, with high-quality single-cell weighing system, verified
  • Automatic internal adjustment in the case of a change in temperature ≥ 2 °C or timecontrolled every 4 h, guarantees high degree of accuracy and makes the balance independent of its location of use
  • Dosage aid: High stability mode and other filter settings can be selected
  • Simple recipe weighing and documenting with a combined tare/print function. In addition, the ingredients for the recipe are numbered automatically and printed out with their corresponding number and nominal weight
  • Automatic data output to the PC/printer each time the balance is steady
  • Identification number: 4 digits, printed on calibration protocol freely programmable
  • Protective working cover included with delivery

The USP minimum sample weight is a measure for the smallest permitted weight in accordance with USP (United States Pharmacopeia).


  • Approved according to: Verified
  • Calibration: External
  • Capacity (g): 320 g
  • Capacity (kg): 0,32 kg
  • Connection options: RS232 (standard)
    USB (standard)
    Bluetooth (option)
    Ethernet (option)
    WiFi (option)
  • Display: Fixed
  • Function: Percent weighing
    Check weighing
    Counting function (NOT counting scale)
  • Intended for: Professionally
  • Material: Metal
  • Performance: Power supply
    Without column
  • Platform lenght (mm): 91 mm
  • Platform width (mm): 91 mm
  • Resolution (g): 0,001 g
  • Resolution (mg): 1 mg


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