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Bench scale 60kg/1g, Ohaus Ranger 7000, 377x311mm.

Price: € 1 490,00
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  • Simplify complex applications and minimize the need for manual calculations with 10 advanced application modes, peripheral device control and an optional kit for a second scale platform.
  • The most precise scale in its class with one-second stabilization time, up to 75,000d or 350,000d display resolution and legal-for-trade certifications.
  • Extremely durable scale designed to thrive in rugged industrial environments. Features IP54-rated metal housing and sealed metal terminal.


  • Anslutningsmöjligheter: Ethernet (standard eller tillval)
    RS232 (standard eller tillval)
  • Gradering (g): 1,00 g
  • Gradering (mg): 1000,00 mg
  • Kalibrering: Extern
  • Kapacitet (kg): 60,00 kg
  • Material: Metall
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