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Analytical balance Kern ADB 120g/0,1mg & 600ct/0,001ct

Price: € 1 025,00
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ADB 600-C3
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5-10 days
Available in several variants
ADB 100-4 € 1 039,00
ADB 600-C3 € 1 025,00
ADB 200-4 € 1 159,00


  • Adjusting program CAL for quick setting of the balance accuracy using an external test weight
  • Level indicator and levelling feet for precise levelling of the scale, fitted as standard, to give the most accurate weighing result
  • Large glass draught shield with 3 sliding doors for easy access to the items being weighed
  • Compact size, practical for small spaces
  • Simple and convenient 6-key operation
  • KERN ADB/ADJ 600-C3: Compact, space-saving carat balance with a readout of 0,001 ct and a weighing range of 600 ct. The high level of accuracy saves hard cash wherever you are weighing valuable precious stones


  • Approved according to: OIML
  • Calibration: External
  • Capacity (g): 120 g
  • Capacity (kg): 0,12 kg
  • Connection options: RS232 (standard)
  • Display: Fixed
  • Function: Percent weighing
    Counting function (NOT counting scale)
  • Intended for: Professionally
  • Material: ABS housing (plastic)
  • Performance: Power supply
    Without column
  • Platform lenght (mm): 90 mm
  • Platform width (mm): 90 mm
  • Resolution (g): 0,0001 g
  • Resolution (mg): 0,1 mg


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