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Load pin 2 tonne, IP66. Stainless steel
Load cells

Load pin 2 tonne, IP66. Stainless steel

Article no: 535TS-2t-CT
€ 759,00

Load pins

A load pin is a type of load cell that measures forces and is usually used to measure weight. Simply described, a load pin cell is a converter that converts mass or force into a measurable electrical output.

Loadpins are available in different variants with the capacity to weigh anything from a few single grams, up to several tons. Through its function, it is possible to carry out accurate and precise measurements. In our range you will find load pins in different variants, sizes, capacities and IP classes.

We at Vetek both design and distribute load pins that are suitable for most purposes. The fact that we produce our own products means that we also have the opportunity to manufacture and deliver loadpin cells exactly according to your wishes. Feel free to send us a request!

If you need to troubleshoot load cells Click here to download a guide.

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