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Analogue refractometer Kern ORA-B, Brix, Sugar


A refractometer is used for measurements of chemical liquids. Among other things, it is used at workshops and increasingly in industries that manufacture, for example, solar panels. For example, low freeze protection in a car is a problem and to be able to check it, mechanics use a refractometer.

With Vetek's clear refractometers, you can see the refractive index of different liquids. You can advantageously use an analog refractometer from Vetek, where you have several scales to choose from and clear thin lines. The ease of using them is unsurpassed.

There are both analog and digital devices. Which one you should use depends on your field of work. It is important that a refractometer always contains high-quality optics for accurate measurements

Analog models

If, for example, you are measuring the concentration in glycol, an analog refractometer is a good choice. When you as a mechanic receive cars in the fall or if you have agricultural machinery, you can advantageously use an analog refractometer for washer fluid, battery fluid and the glycol. It is also suitable for measuring the concentration of urea.

If your company works with thermal heat, an analog model is a good choice to control salinity in both cooled and heated conditions. If your company works with solar panels instead, you can easily and conveniently check the frost protection with an analog refractometer in your pocket.

Digital models

Vetek also offers digital models that are practical for measuring urea or the frost protection in solar panels. Using a pipette, you suck up the sample and put a couple of drops into the device. A digital refractometer is very accurate and it also comes already calibrated for immediate use. The refractometer can also handle temperature differences well, which is an advantage in case of rapid temperature changes when working outdoors.

With us at Vetek, you can easily find the right model depending on the area of use you need it for. If you need to handle different temperatures in the samples, Vetek's refractometers are particularly suitable and should be your first choice.

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