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Gauge to test gold

When you need to test whether a coin, piece of jewelry, or other item is pure gold, there are a number of gold testing methods. Some methods safer than others. For example, if you work professionally with gold, or deal a lot with gold, you should use an instrument that measures whether an object is made of gold. There are devices that can be calibrated according to how pure the gold should be in order to detect counterfeits. Vetek has a professional measuring instrument, with which you can quickly, easily and safely test objects to find out whether they are made of gold or not.

Why should you do a gold test?

As a gold dealer, it is important that you can be sure that what you buy and sell is genuine. Even experienced gold dealers know that it is very difficult to tell if something is real gold. As a buyer, you know the risks of being scammed. To know for sure that what you are selling or buying is gold, you should always use a high-quality measuring instrument. It is cheap insurance to always test gold to protect both sellers and buyers from fake products. When you carry out a gold test, it also becomes easier to determine a price for the gold object.

Different methods of testing gold

With, for example, certain types of acids, it is possible to test how the material reacts when it comes into contact with the acid. Unfortunately, gold-plated items give a false positive response to this type of test. It is required that such objects be drilled or destroyed in order to be able to test the authenticity of the object with certainty. In order to determine the gold's authenticity more reliably without destroying the object, there are effective meters that read the object.

Gauges for gold and silver

The methods used today with ultrasonic gauges to test gold and silver are safe and reliable. Vetek sells a gauge that quickly performs a real gold test in any situation. This type of gold testing allows you to determine if the item is real gold or if it is gold plated. The gold meters from Vetek have many advanced functions. They can also display other important information such as thickness, recommended gold price and the like.

This is how the gold gauge works

This measuring instrument emits ultrasonic waves that penetrate your object and read the object quickly and with high precision. The software in the gauge analyzes the information from the ultrasound waves and then displays the results on the screen. The instrument is also able to compensate for additives in the gold, for example silver or copper.

User-friendly gold testing

This type of gold testing gauge is extra user-friendly because it has large clear buttons. Depending on which model you choose, there are also various built-in functions and all information is clearly explained in the accompanying manual. If you need to print out the measurement results, that's also fine because the software supports it. The gauge also stores all measured values in its internal memory. There is also a range of different accessories for you who need to test uneven or extra thin items. It also comes with a base plate for calibrating the meter and a hard storage case.

Advantages of testing gold with gauges

A big advantage of these gauges is how efficient and accurate they are. Other methods, including acid and scratch tests, always leave damage on the object, which can destroy or lower its value. When you have several different items that need to be tested at the same time, these gauges are ideal because they measure quickly and you have the option to print out the measurement result to show a potential customer.

When you invest in a gold tester from Vetek, you as a seller get the opportunity to produce a good basis for negotiating the price of what you sell or buy.

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