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When we choose products for sale, our focus is mainly on what can make your work more efficient, through faster results, which results in higher turnover. Thanks to the fact that the length gauges are digital, the measurements and readings are more reliable than if you use a tape measure, for example. So that you can easily find a length meter that suits your needs, you can click on the product to get a solid product description.

Length gauges with different capacities

Among our products for length measurement, you will find both length measuring systems and distance gauges from well-known manufacturers. Many of our products are also available in several designs and with different measurement ranges.

We sell length gauges that have a measuring range of up to 700 mm, so you can always find one that is adapted to your industry. They have an accuracy down to 0.01 mm, which gives a very precise measurement result.

Find the right length measurement product based on your needs

All of our products for distance and length measurement are compact and can therefore be easily taken to various jobs. You can also mount them on different types of test machines, conveyors, machine tools and test stands if the need arises.

Regardless of whether you need to measure short or long distances, you will find a suitable length meter in our range. All the measuring instruments we sell have a long service life to be able to be used for long periods, which also makes them very affordable. Our length gauges come from, among other things, Sauter, which is a well-known company in various types of measuring tools. Their length gauges are also standardized and compatible with many different control systems.

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