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Wifi and bluetooth scales

Are you looking for a scale with Bluetooth or WiFi? Then we at Vetek have an extensive range of accurate scales that fall under the category to offer.

Today, a scale can measure much more than just weight. Our modern models of personal scales can also measure your fat percentage, your muscle mass and your BMI. Which means that it can therefore give you a full body analysis. Many times these models are equipped with a wireless connection, such as Bluetooth or WiFi, so you can easily connect the scale with your smartphone. In this way, you easily get a full overview of your results - weight gain or weight loss, increased muscle mass or reduced fat percentage.

If your goal is to lose weight with ongoing measurements, then it may be a good idea to choose a scale that you can synchronize with your phone with all your information for the most accurate measurements possible.

Our assortment includes a range of scales with Bluetooth or WiFi functionality, many of which stand out for their precision and correct measurement. 

4 reasons to choose a scale with Bluetooth or Wifi from Vetek

  • They are qualitative. Here you will find the market's most durable, reliable and precise scales. For us, there is no other alternative than to offer our customers the highest possible quality.
  • The best option on the market. As a leading supplier of scales, we also have extensive experience in manufacturing our own scales and weighing systems. After many years in the industry, we only offer the best.
  • Always competitive prices. We always offer a large range of scales at competitive prices, without ever compromising on quality.
  • There is something for everyone. Our range consists of different models of scales with Bluetooth or WiFi function that cover all conceivable needs.

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