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Popular Weighingblock 200kg/50g. "Personal scale"
Person scales

Weighingblock 200kg/50g. "Personal scale"

Article no: VB3-200-50
€ 595,00

Portable scales

In the portable person scales product category, you will find portable person scales for everyone. We have portable person scales that are MDD approved in class III and verified. Thus, they can be used by medically qualified personnel. Note that not all products in the category are necessarily approved for medical use within Europe. Check what applies to the scale you have chosen before completing the purchase.

Portable scale for home visits

For example, if you make home visits in the healthcare industry, you can take a portable scale with you so that patients, users or customers can easily weigh themselves. This way you also know for yourself that the number is reliable, something that can affect both treatments and dosage of medicines and supplements. Even you, who are a personal trainer who makes home visits, can take the scale with you so that the customer gets a reliable result and you can together follow progress related to the weight.

Easy to take with you

All of our portable scales are of very high quality. They are light and battery powered to further facilitate movement. The materials they are made of are mainly light and durable aluminum and plastic. Because the scales are made to be portable, they usually also have handles you can carry them in. Some portable scales also have an accompanying specially designed bag that can be purchased separately. Regardless of which category you belong to, we can offer a suitable scale for you and your business. If you need a person scale that is easy to take with you, you will find it here. Although the scales are accurate, it is usually recommended that you weigh yourself on the same scale each time if you want to monitor your weight more accurately. All our scales are also user-friendly and reliable. 

Of course, you are always welcome to ask us questions about portable scales, thanks to our expertise we can guide you to the right scale.

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