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IoT-Line platform scale IXC - 30kg/1g, 500x400mm

Price: € 989,00
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Article no:
IXC 30K-3L
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5-10 days
Available in several variants
IXC 6K-3M € 929,00
IXC 6K-4 € 760,00
IXC 10K-3M € 955,00
IXC 10K-4 € 785,00
IXC 10K-3LM € 1 022,00
IXC 10K-4L € 855,00
IXC 30K-3M € 998,00
IXC 30K-3 € 835,00
IXC 60K-2M € 1 120,00
IXC 60K-3 € 899,00
IXC 30K-3LM € 1 159,00
IXC 30K-3L € 989,00
IXC 60K-2LM € 1 220,00
IXC 60K-3L € 999,00
IXC 100K-2M € 1 199,00
IXC 100K-3 € 979,00
IXC 100K-2LM € 1 385,00
IXC 100K-3L € 1 165,00
IXC 300K-2M € 1 599,00
IXC 300K-3 € 1 385,00


  • Tough industry standard suitable for use in harsh industrial.
  • Industry 4.0: The exchange of data and control commands is optional using up to four interfaces to suit individual requirements: two wired connections (RS-232, Ethernet, USB or analogue module) and two wireless connections (WiFi, Bluetooth).
  • Each interface can be set up separately, e.g.:
    • Interface 1 (WiFi): Continuous sending to a PC for documentation of a process
    • Interface 2 (RS-232): Print stable weight
    • Interface 3 (analogue module): Controlling a device when the target weight is reached
    • Interface 4 (Bluetooth): Continuous sending to a tablet to monitor a process
  • Available as an option with alibi memory for paperless archiving of weighing results. This also means the results of weighings with mandatory verification can be electronically evaluated and processed further.
  • Data query and remote control of the balance using a computer or CRM/ERP systems using the KERN Communication Protocol.
  • Platform: weighing plate of stainless steel, painted steel base, silicone-coated aluminium load cell with protection against dust and water splashes IP65.
  • Display device: stainless steel, protection against dust and water splashes IP68. Superior display size: digit height 48 mm, bright backlight for easy reading of weighing results, even in poor lighting conditions. Integrated power supply.


  • Approved according to: CE
  • Calibration: External
  • Capacity (kg): 30 kg
  • Connection options: RS232 (option)
    Ethernet (option)
    USB (option)
    WiFi (option)
    Bluetooth (option)
    Alibi memory (option)
  • Display: Detachable
  • Function: Percent weighing
    Counting function (NOT counting scale)
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Performance: Battery (option)
  • Platform height (mm): 127 mm
  • Platform lenght (mm): 400 mm
  • Platform width (mm): 500 mm
  • Resolution (g): 1 g


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