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Bench scale Kern FOB in stainless steel - 1,5kg/0,5g, 175x165mm

Price: € 278,00
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Article no:
FOB 1.5K0.5
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5-10 days
Available in several variants
FOB 1.5K0.5 € 278,00
FOB 3K1 € 278,00
FOB 6K2 € 278,00
FOB 1K-4LM € 515,00
FOB 3K-3LM € 525,00
FOB 6K-3LM € 555,00
FOB 10K-3LM € 555,00


  • Innovative weighing with tolerance range (Checkweighing): The colour of the display changes depending on the weight (too light/ok/too heavy) and is an aid to help with portioning, dosing and grading.
  • Thanks to the stainless steel design of the housing and platform with smooth surface, the scale is rust-free and easy to clean.
  • High mobility: thanks to battery operation and compact, lightweight construction, it is suitable for the use in several locations (kitchen, sales office, cafeteria, food industry-laboratory etc.).
  • Your support in a HACCP-compliant quality system.
  • Ideal for the increased hygienic requirements in the food industries.
  • Secure and non-slip positioning with rubber feet.
  • Increased protection against humidity through waterproof silicone sealing of the load cell, electronics and soldering joints.


  • Approved according to: CE
  • Calibration: External
  • Capacity (kg): 1,5 kg
  • Display: Fixed
  • Function: Check weighing
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Performance: Battery (option)
    Without column
  • Platform lenght (mm): 165 mm
  • Platform width (mm): 175 mm
  • Resolution (g): 0,5 g


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ISO 17025 calibration of scale up to 5kg incl. certificate

ISO 17025 calibration of scale incl. certificate.

Article no: ISO 17025-5kg
Price from: € 154,00

Available in several variants

ISO 17025 calibration of scale up to 5kg incl. certificate

Article no: ISO 17025-5kg
€ 154,00

Available in several variants
Price from: € 154,00

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