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Counting system Kern CCA 600g/0,01g with external weighing platform 6kg/2g & 15kg/5g.

Price: € 1 379,00
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Article no:
CCA 10K-5M
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5-10 days
Available in several variants
CCA 6K-5M € 1 379,00
CCA 10K-5M € 1 379,00
CCA 30K-5M € 1 499,00
CCA 60K-5M € 1 519,00
CCA 100K-5M € 1 699,00
CCA 300K-5M € 1 715,00


  • The highly accurate KERN counting system can replace a whole range of individual balances, efficiently and at a reasonable price
  • Thanks to EC type approval [M] this counting system can also be used in verified applications, e.g. for order picking packaged items, etc.
  • The balances are connected to one another with an RS 232 Y-cable, which also allows you to connect an end unit, such as, for example, signal lamps, barcode scanners or printers (KERN TCCA-A01-A, included in the scope of supply)

Reference scale KERN EWJ

  • This professional precision scale, which can also be used as a stand-alone scale, meets the highest demands for accuracy, weighing capacity and volume of items, by being connected to a high-capacity weighing bridge
  • Concept of easy use: All primary functions have their own key on the keypad
  • Automatic internal adjustment time-controlled every 2 hours, guarantees high degree of accuracy and makes the balance independent of its location of use
  • Draft shield standard, weighing space W×D×H 134×128×80 mm
  • Protective working cover included with delivery

Quantity scale KERN IFS

  • The high-accuracy quantity counting takes place on the weighing platform (= weighing bridge) KERN . In this way even the smallest of parts can be counted in large volumes
  • Tough industry standard suitable for use in harsh industrial applications
  • Ergonomic display device with large keypad and high-contrast LCD display for easy entry and reading of, e.g., tare weights, reference weights, limit values etc.
  • Three displays for total weight (verifiable), piece weight, total quantity
  • 100 item memories for master data, such as item number, PRE-TARE (container weight), reference quantity, refere. weight etc.
  • Precise counting: The manual optimisation of reference weight gradually improves the average value of the piece weight
  • Totalising of pieces when counting
  • Printout with date and time
  • Aluminium singlepoint load cell (1x3000e), protection against dust and water splashes IP65
  • Protective working cover included with delivery


  • Approved according to: OIML
  • Calibration: External
  • Capacity (kg): 15 kg
  • Connection options: Ethernet (standard or option)
    RS232 (standard or option)
    WiFi (standard or option)
  • Function: Counting scale
  • Intended for: Professionally
  • Performance: Without column
    Power supply
    Battery (standard or optional)
  • Resolution (g): 5 g


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ISO 17025 calibration of scale 6kg-60kg incl. certificate.

ISO 17025 calibration of scale incl. certificate.

Article no: ISO 17025-60kg
Price from: € 184,00

Available in several variants

ISO 17025 calibration of scale 6kg-60kg incl. certificate.

Article no: ISO 17025-60kg
€ 184,00

Available in several variants
Price from: € 184,00

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