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10 channels laboratory digital indicator, 200.000 divisions

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MP10 Laboratory digital indicator is a programmable instrument for the treatment of signals from strain gauge full bridge transducers. It has been designed to be used in the most modern systems of static and dynamic measurement of high precision, such as metrology laboratories, materials testing machines, test benches or test etc. It is ideal to be used as first-line standard, if periodically certified by calibration laboratories or equivalent centers. 

Accuracy and Resolution

  • Accuracy: 0.0010% or 0.0020%
  • Internal Resolution: 24-bit
  • Display Resolution: ±2,000,000 divisions (K2 Version) or ±200,000 divisions (Standard Version)


Large graphic display with high resolution and the ability to change the contrast by program

Measurement Capabilities

Supports Force, Weight, Pressure, Torque, and Displacement transducers

Data logger

  • Internal data logger with a memory that stores up to 130,000 measurements with speeds up to 4800 Hz
  • External Data Logger where a USB stick is used for easy data portability to a PC

Remote Control and Functionality

  • Remote control (included in the K2 version optional in the Standard version) to facilitate the operator in remotely carrying out ZERO, HOLD and STORAGE
  • Calendar function with date and time


Internal Auto Calibration function, programmable by the user, to minimize temperature errors of the amplification chain and the A/D converter.


  • USB Communication Port through which it is possible to transfer measurements in real time to a PC at maximum speed 4800Hz
  • RS232 serial communication port for remote transmissions
  • 24-column printer via the serial port (optional)


  • Calibration: Internal
  • Connection options: RS232 (standard)
    USB (standard)
  • Function: Peak/Hold
  • Intended for: Professionally
  • Material: ABS housing (plastic)
  • Performance: Power supply


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