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VB2-200-20 € 635,00


The Weighingblock is a robust and portable Scale
It is suitable for: refrigerant, fire protection and CO2 cylinders, parcels, general weighing, etc.

"HIGH QUALITY - 3 years warranty".

Supply: 6 x AA alkaline batteries. (or external 9VDC adaptor)
•Round object max: 340 ø mm
•Dimension: 260 x 345 x 55 mm. Weight: 6 Kg.
•Function: On, Net/Gross, Off/Zero, Tare, RS232 and Batching with Solenoid Modules.
•Temperature range: -10 to +40 °C
•Option: USB, Blue tooth, WLan.
Warranty: 3 years.

NOTE! Batteries have a best before date and can start to leak, battery acid can come out and short circuit the scale, so change the batteries regularly.


  • Anslutningsmöjligheter: PC
    RS232 (standard eller tillval)
  • Avsedd för: Privat bruk
    Professionellt bruk
  • Gradering (g): 10,00 g
  • Kalibrering: Extern
  • Kapacitet (kg): 100,00 kg
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Utförande: Nätdriven
    Batteridriven (standard eller tillval)
  • Vågplatta bredd (mm): 260,00 mm
  • Vågplatta höjd (mm): 55,00 mm
  • Vågplatta längd (mm): 345,00 mm


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