Weigh beam scale for animal weighing 3000kg/1kg

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Weigh beam scale for animal weighing 3000kg/1kg

Beam scale B6000 is a very robust and reliable scale in two different models with weighing range 0-3000 kg or 0-6000 kg.

The scale consists of three units, two beams and an instrument. From each beam runs a cable with connectors that are connected to the corresponding one on the instrument.

A beam consists of two U-beams of 4 mm steel sheet. The material is high-strength Domex 640. Between the two U-beams (one upper and one lower) is an elongated load cell. It is attached with four stainless steel shafts with a diameter of 20 mm in the two U-beams. Both the upper and lower U-beams have two M10 nuts welded on the inside. This is to be able to easily screw a load plane, a cage, etc. on the two beams.

The scale can handle very large lateral forces without being damaged. For example, if you have a stool of 2 tons on the scale that is accidentally pushed one meter sideways, the wave beams can handle it without problems. Or if you have a treatment cage screwed to the beams and a bull of 1500 kg rushes in and stops and the cage and wave slide half a meter forward, the scale can do it without problems. The B6000 simply lacks fragile feet that bend and are destroyed by lateral forces.

Animal weighing takes place either in a treatment cage that is placed on the beams or in a driveway where a plane of approx. 1 x 2.5 m (made of wood, aluminium or steel) is then laid on the two beams.

The treatment cage is attached to the weighing beams with 4 M10x25 screws and special clamps made of 6 mm sheet metal.

If you have a concrete floor, asphalt floor or similar as a base, leave the beams directly on that surface.

If you are on a gravel floor, earth floor, field, etc., you attach a square pipe type 120 × 60 mm 1 m long under each beam.

The square tube is screwed on with two M10x25 screws to the lower sub-beam.

The scale can be equipped with planes (also U-format) type 1200 × 800 mm, 1500 × 1500 mm etc.

The weighing instrument has 20 mm high numbers that are backlit. The instrument have an setting for animal weighing, which makes it easy to read even if the animal is very lively (filter included). It can be equipped with data output (RS232), relay output, printer, etc. The weighing instrument can withstand difficult environments with dirt, water floods, etc. (sealed IP65). The scale is operated at 230V with the included mains adapter or external battery (not included). The weighing instrument is manufactured by HBM in Germany.

The weighing beams together with the weighing instrument WE2108 make the B6000 a safe investment for a long time to come.


  • Article number: B6000-1 or B6000-2
  • Max weight: 3000kg / 6000kg
  • Resolution: 1kg / 2kg
  • Length: 1,058 mm
  • Width: 130 mm
  • Height: 75 mm
  • Net weight: 22 kg per beam
  • Material: 4 mm high-strength Domex sheet, blue chromated
  • Fasteners: 4 pcs M10 nut per beam
  • Display: 18 mm high numbers
  • Warranty: 1 year according to IML 2000


Capacity (kg) 3000,00 kg
Capacity (tonne) 3,00
Resolution (kg) 1,00 kg
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