Hanging scale 44kg/10g with auto hold

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Hanging scale 44kg/10g with auto hold

A small digital and freely portable device, the Handymax makes sure that you know exactly what your bags weight before you get to hte check-in counter. The Handymax can weighparcel, fire extinguisher, CFC (chlorofluorocarbon) for air condition maintenance worker etc.


  • 44kg/10g
  • The end of excess charges
  • Portable design so you can slip into your luggage for use on return journeys
  • A large digital display and easy to read
  • Choose to read in either kgs or N
  • An selectable automatic hold feature that allows youto pick up and set down your subject to be weighed while holdning the weight in thescreen
  • The weighing process is easy - attach the strap to your object and lift, wait for the beep and set down
  • The beep signifies that the weight has been identified, locked and displayed
  • Requires 2 x AAA Batteries
  • Size: 165 x 65 x 53 mm
  • Warrenty: 1 year warrenty

Document downloads

insert_drive_file Datasheet_Handymax_V1.pdf


Capacity (g) 44000,00 g
Capacity (kg) 44,00 kg
Resolution (g) 10,00 g
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