Weighing indicator with 8" color touch screen, 4 channels, stainless.

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Weighing indicator with 8" color touch screen, 4 channels, stainless.

Panel digital weight indicator with a big 8" touch screen display, stainless steel front panel and standard Ethernet port. The 3590EGTB8 indicator has an area for the development of specific application programs, integrated debuggers and tools for PC programming. Thanks to the fully customizable work screens, this allows for the visulisation and the rapid management of all the necessary weighing data, master data and free texts, greatly simplifying user operations. CE-M approvable (OIML R-76 / EN 45501).

  • Backlit graphic display with touch screen technology, lxh= 160x120 mm size. Indicated for use with gloves.
  • Multilanguage software, available in Italian, English, German, French and Spanish. Possibility to insert your own translation thanks to the new software "CUSTOM LANGUAGE TOOL", downloadable from the DOWNLOAD area of this card.
  • Equipped with waterproof gasket.
  • IP65 frontal protection.
  • Stainless steel frontal panel, with 8 fixing points for maximum protection against water and dust.
  • Overall dimensions: 280x220x80 mm.
  • Drilling template: 188x252 mm.
  • 3 way screen cross light.
  • Real time clock and permanent data storage.
  • Fitted alibi memory, integrated on the motherboard.
  • Slot for built-in micro SD for recording logos (upon request).
  • Functions available with DINITOOLS utility, also from remote (web server mode via internet).
    - Configuration, data entry and print formatting.
    - Recording and filing of all the information on PC.
    - Complete retrieval of the configuration.
    - Instrument calibration with numeric values.
    - Customization of the screens.
    - Development environment for customised programmes using a specific programming language.
  • 24-bit A/D converter, 4 channels, up to 3200 conv./sec. and up to 8 signal linearisation points.
  • 4 independent analogue channels (up to 2 in the E-AF03 version) for reading of the weight.
  • Connection with up to 16 analogue load cells of 350 Ohm (45 load cells of 1000 Ohm) and with the main digital load cells available on the market (mod. E-AF03).
  • Management of the most common digital load cells for weighbridges (with AF03GT firmware), also for CE-M approved applications.
  • Up to 10.000e OIML or 3 x 3000e @ 0,3 µV/e CE-M legal for trade.
  • Up to 1.000.000 displayable divisions for internal factory use, with internal resolution up to 3.000.000 points.
  • 12-24 Vdc power supply.


  • 1 internal Ethernet port as standard, to connect to the company network.
  • 1 RS232 serial port on RJ45 connector (if activated, it deactivates the Ethernet port) for connection to printer, PC, PLC, radio module and optional interfaces.
  • 1 RS232 serial port on screw terminals for connection to printer, PC, radio module and optional interfaces.
  • 1 RS232/RS485 serial port on screw terminals, for connection to weight repeater, remote scale, badge reader or digital load cells.
  • Fitted keyboard emulation input, for barcode/badge readers or external PC keyboard, through cable with mini DIN connector (optional).
  • 4 optoisolated outputs, expandable up to 16 with optional board.
  • 2 optoisolated inputs, expandable up to 8 with optional board.
  • External Profibus interface (optional), for automation management.
  • Modbus RTU Interface.
  • Optional Bluetooth connection, for quick wireless programming of databases, through PC, smartphone or tablet.
  • Analog output DAC16O needs the expansion board IOEXPB.



Thanks to the customizable touch screen display, it is possible to create suitable interfaces for any application:

The PC software “Dini Display Tool” allows the quick customization of the TOUCH display.

Document downloads

insert_drive_file Manual AF01GT ENG.pdf
insert_drive_file Technical Manual Serial Commands 3590ET_3590EGT ENG.pdf
insert_drive_file Manual AF08GT ENG.pdf
insert_drive_file Manual AF09GT ENG.pdf
insert_drive_file Technical Drawing 3590EGTB8 V1.pdf
insert_drive_file Datasheet 3590EGTB8 V1.pdf


Connection options Alarm relay(s), 4-20mA/0-10V (standard or option), Bluetooth (standard or option), Ethernet (standard or option), Yes, RS232 (standard or option), RS485 (standard or option), USB (standard or option), WiFi (standard or option)
Display Touch, External (standard or option)
Function Peak/Hold, Doserfunktion, Label printing, Receipt printout, Price computing scale, Counting scale, Counting function (NOT counting scale)
Material Stainless
Performance Power supply
Accessories / Spare parts

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