Vetek Weighing AB, corporate identity number 556446-4062 is a manufacturer and reseller of scales, weighing systems and other measuring instruments. Our business is located on Väddö, north of Stockholm. We manufacture and sell a wide range of different products, and also offer service, installation, calibration and repair.

We take responsibility and work together for a sustainable business by placing the same demands on our suppliers as we place on ourselves, where binding requirements are the lowest level.

We work to achieve the national environmental goals and the global sustainability goals.

We protect the environment by:

  • Increase knowledge and raise awareness of environmental issues among all employees.
  • We use as few harmful substances as possible, and choose environmentally friendly alternatives where possible.
  • We recycle and sort our waste and ensure that environmentally hazardous waste is handled in a safe way.
  • We have demands on and collaborate with suppliers, authorities and organizations.
  • Prevent pollution in air, soil and water by considering the environmental impact of what we do.
  • We work to constantly improve in our environmental work.
  • We always striveto repair old products and do not charge customers to check if its possible to repair.

ISO 14001:2015 certificate download here!

Väddö 2021-11-21

Patrik Viktorsson, VD

Our environmental policy (download as pdf, click here)