RS485 to DeviceNET interface, for DIN rail mounting.

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RS485 to DeviceNET interface, for DIN rail mounting.

DEVICENET interface permits a simultaneous communication between 16 digital weighing scales, reducing the installation costs of a weighing system.

DEVICENET converter for single weighing scale
By connecting the DEVICENET to a single weighing scale or by selecting one from the scales network, the DEVICENET protocol transmits the following data and controls:

  • Net, Gross and Tare weight
  • Weight status (for example; positive, negative, stable, unstable)
  • Error condition (es. overload, underload)
  • Digital input status
  • Relay output status
  • Setpoint output writings
  • Aliby Memory
  • Calibration
  • Configuration setup

DEVICENET hub function, up to 16 weighing scales
This configuration permits to monitor simultaneously all the data of the weighing scales network by DEVICENET protocol.
In detail:

  • Net weight and gross weight of the scales
  • Weight status (for example, positive, negative, stable, unstable)
  • Relay output status
  • Digital input status
  • Error condition (e.g. overload, underload)

Main features of DEVICENET for weighing scales

  • Hub function for a simultaneous check of up to 16 weighing scales.
  • DEVICENET slave port.
  • ABS case for panel mounting on DIN bar.
  • MAC ID from 0 to 63.
  • Baud Rate from 125KBaud to 500KBaud.
  • Suitable to function with DGT1S weight transmitter. Quick configuration from the transmitter programming menu.
  • Serial port RS485 (from 9600 to 115200 baud), with "quick connect" system for a fast connection.
  • Power source: 12-24Vdc.

Document downloads

insert_drive_file Datasheet_DEVICENET1S_V1.pdf
insert_drive_file Technical Drawing DEVICENET1S.pdf
insert_drive_file Manual DEVICENET1S ENG.pdf


Connection options DEVICENET
Material ABS housing (plastic)
Performance Power supply
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