Hand held indicator receiver for WIMOD

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Hand held indicator receiver for WIMOD

WiSTAR is a professional ergonomic wireless handheld display for force, weight, torque etc.

Can be used to load cells, dynamomters, torque sensors etc which have optiona sender WIMOD mounted. Models we offer WIMOD / WISTAR to i:

  • C2S 
  • TC4 
  • CLS 
  • D100 
  • T20 
  • TCE


  • Connect of1-4 WIMOD units
  • Frequency 433 MHz
  • Up to 100 meter range in free space
  • USB output for PC connection and charging
  • LiJon battery
  • Peak function
  • Hold function
  • Dataloggerfor up to 130000 measurements (aut. or manual, with date, time and weight)
  • Possible to sum up to4 WIMOD units
  • Suit case included!

Typical Applications:

  • Mobile weighing.
  • Overhung loads monitoring
  • Monitoring of pressures on hydraulic and pneumatic plants.
  • Long term recording through programmable DATALOGGER.
  • Manual recording in the internal memory.
  • Quality control in the production lines and warehouses.
  • Test on the handling of manual and automatic loads
  • Monitoring of cracks through displacement transducers in the building industry

Document downloads

insert_drive_file Datasheet_WISTAR_V1.pdf
insert_drive_file Manual WISTAR V1 ENG.pdf
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