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Analytical balance Radwag Ellipsis, 82g/0,01mg. 220g/0,1mg.

Analytical balance touch screen 220g/0,1mg. OIML. Radwag.

Microbalance Radwag MYA.5Y.P, 21g/0,001mg
Analytical scales

Microbalance Radwag MYA.5Y.P, 21g/0,001mg

Article no: MYA 21.5Y.P
€ 18 620,00

Ultra microbalance Radwag UYA 2,1g/0,0001mg.

Ultra microbalance Radwag UYA.5Y.F, 2,1g/0,0001mg

Laboratory scales up to 200g 


In everyday life, an accuracy of higher than 1 g is rarely needed, but in the laboratory it is a matter of completely different numbers. Then lab scales with an accuracy of 1 or 0.1 g are not enough, but it is time to go really far down – 0.001 g is just the beginning! Namely, there are variants of laboratory scales up to 200 g that handle 1 mg, 0.1 mg, and 0.01 mg without any problems whatsoever. The accuracy allows you to trust the result, and should you need even more accurate measurements, you can find scales with an accuracy of amazing 0.001 and 0.0001 mg.


These lab scales have a lot of smart functions that also make them very easy to use. Many come with touch screens and large displays with background lighting and are programmable with databases where you can save all possible information and perform various calculations. You can create different logins and transfer information via USB, RS232, Wi-Fi and bluetooth. Weighing is fast, and laboratory scales up to 200 g have various covers that protect against dirt, dust, drafts and vibrations and give a reliable result every time you use it. The scale even warns if it is used incorrectly.


Because we at Vetek value quality, experience, and a large selection of affordable scales, we have made sure that the brands we offer follow the same requirements and values. We have scales from companies such as Ohaus, Kern and Radwag, and if there is a brand you are missing, we are happy to buy in - unless you choose one of Vetek's own scales, of course!

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