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Pallet Scale 2ton/0,2kg

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AVAILABLE ACCESSORIES: Remote control Support column for indicator etc. 

Quick and accurate pallet weighing scales, easy to use and transport. Integrated extractable weight indicator complete of stretchable connection cable which may be easily positioned according to one's weighing requirements. Functions with a built-in battery with extractable drawer for easy substitution. The automatic multirange capacity allows the maximum accuracy on the lower weight values, mantaining the same load capacity. Available also in dual range APPROVED version, for legal for trade use.

Column for indicator shown in the picture is sold as an accessory, see the bottom of the accessory list.

The scale can be even lower to 75mm height with the WB FEET acessories.


Weight indicator with support bracket having an adjustable inclination, for use on the table, column, or wall.
LCD 25mm backlit display with 6 high contrast digits and icons for indication of active functions.
ABS IP54 case, easy to clean and resistant in harsh and corrosive environments.
Waterproof 5-key functional keypad.
Functions with 4 shear beam 1000 Ohm aluminium load cells approved according to OIML R60 C3 standards (3000+3000 divisions), IP67 protection degree, able to handle double the nominal load.
Carbon steel oven-fire painted bearing structure, complete of adjustable feet.
Level, wheels, and transport handle.
Connection cable to the indicator, 3 m long.
Accuracy: +/-0,05% of the capacity.
Programmable automatic switch-off.
Digital calibration and Set-Up from keypad or from PC through DINITOOLS.
Power supply from 5 to 12 Vdc
Standard fitted with extractable drawer for housing 4 AA batteries (not included), which may be rechargeable, and standard connector for connection to external power adapter (if connected, it excludes the battery power).


Clearing; automatic and manual tare, print.
X 10 High resolution visualisation. (optional).
Net/Gross or lb/kg conversion.
Formula weighing.
+/- Checkweighing.
Percentage weighing.
Alibi, for approved weight transmission


RS232/C bidirectional port on RJ connector (or USB optionally) for quick or RS485 connection, configurable for PC, PLC, additional remote display.
RS232/C bidirectional port for connection to printer or labeller.
IR input for remote control management.


CALIBRATION VIDEO:                                                                           





  • Calibration: External
  • Capacity (kg): 2000,00 kg
  • Capacity (tonne): 2,00
  • Connection options: RS232 (standard or option)
  • Display: Detachable
  • Function: Check weighing
    Percent weighing
    Counting function (NOT counting scale)
  • Intended for: Professionally
  • Material: Steel
  • Performance: Battery (standard or optional)
    Power supply
  • Resolution (g): 200,00 g
  • Resolution (kg): 0,20 kg


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