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Bench scale Defender 3000, 150kg/50g, 500x650 mm. With column. Washdown stainless IP66/67. Verified.

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D33XW15C1R6 € 1 019,00
D33XW15C1R6-M € 1 135,00
D33XW30C1R6 € 1 059,00
D33XW30C1R6-M € 1 179,00
D33XW60C1R6 € 1 059,00
D33XW60C1R6-M € 1 179,00
D33XW60C1L7 € 1 419,00
D33XW60C1L7-M € 1 575,00
D33XW150C1L7 € 1 419,00
D33XW150C1L7-M € 1 545,00
D33XW150C1X7 € 1 899,00
D33XW150C1X7-M € 2 019,00
D33XW300C1X7 € 1 899,00
D33XW300C1X7-M € 2 019,00


Tough and durable, as it is intuitive and reliable. The difference is clear.

The new generation of Defender 3000 Bench Scales are here to relieve
your workload, not add to it. From weighing to data collection to cleaning, you can expect a completely revamped user experience, one that emphasizes clarity and precision with each step.

The Defender 3000 Regular and Hybrid Bench Scales with its 304- stainless steel platform, powder-coated steel tubular frame, and aluminum load cell, is rugged and sturdy enough for heavy, repeated use, ready to step into production, packaging, warehouses, and shipping/receiving areas to get the job done.

The Defender 3000 Washdown Bench Scales with 304-stainless steel platforms, stainless steel tubular frames, IP-67 protected stainless steel loadcells and an IP66 protected stainless steel indicator are designed for basic, wet use applications. Every job. Every time.

Clear Indications
Large, multicolor backlit LCD displays enhance the new Defender 3000 indicators and are bigger than ever for unmistakable results even from a distance. The bright 45mm (1.8 inch) digit displays are almost twice as large as before and now feature four selectable backlight colors
–amber, green, red and yellow.

Not only are the displays bigger and brighter than ever, but the improved electronics are twice as fast, showing results in one second.

When used with the new Checkweighing mode, the Defender 3000 will alert you when you are within your target weight range in intuitive yellow, green, or red display color changes. The Defender 3000 supports regular positive checkweighing into a package, negative checkweighing out of a bin or tote, and also zero checkweighing + or – against a sample weight. Not only will the user see the result, but it will be clear even from across the production floor.

ABS Housing
The i-DT33P indicator is housed in a tough, ABS housing with a powder-coated steel bracket making it durable and ideal for basic industrial applications. It can be powered by C-cell batteries for over 360 hours of use or with an optional internal rechargeable battery pack for up to 100 hours. AC power is also standard with a dedicated line cord – no wall adapters.

Stainless Steel Housing
The i-DT33XW indicator has all the same software and features of the i-DT33P but in a 304-stainless steel IP66 housing to protect against moisture in basic industrial applications. This indicator comes
with a stainless steel bracket and the internal rechargeable battery as standard, and can also be AC powered using the included hardwired power cord.

The Defender indicators can be mounted to a wall with the included bracket or can be ordered with either columns or a scale front mount bracket. Available in either powdercoated steel or 304-stainless steel, our columns and front mounts have been designed with cord channels to further protect the loadcell cables from damage. Whatever your customers’ application needs are, Defender 3000 delivers.

Your Job, Your Way.
The Defender 3000 series now brings added versatility as well, with combinations of different bases, indicators and mounting options available depending on your customers’ application needs.

With bases ranging from 15kg (30lbs) in 305 x 355mm (12 x 14 inches) up to 600kg (1,200lbs) in 600 x 800mm (23.6 x 31.5 inches), our bases are OIML (NTEP & Measurement Canada) certified. Designed to meet basic industrial needs, the Defender 3000 is made to perform everyday, ready for their next job.

Clear Communication
The new Defender 3000 series offers bi-directional RS232 as standard, either as an easy-access port on the i-DT33P or as a terminal block in the i-DT33XW. We now offer Ethernet or USB device as a second internal communication option for applications where both printing and data connection to a system are required.

All communication ports can use either a simple or customizable print template using our ScaleMate software. Further, the Defender 3000 now supports OHAUS or MT continuous output, MT SICS and selectable ALT commands for Print, Zero and Tare operations -- all for added data integration.

Wash Away
There’s rarely such a thing as “ideal conditions” when you’ve got a job to do. The Defender 3000 Washdown Bench Scales are here to make sure you get your job done efficiently and precisely no matter what the circumstances.

Made to endure damp work environments, the Defender 3000 Washdown Bench Scales are built from 304-stainless steel with flexible mounting capabilities, housed in a simple, but rugged, stainless steel framework. It can handle wet work conditions, and come out looking spotless.

We also added washdown front mount models to the Defender 3000 line for applications where the indicator is needed up front. As with all front mount Defender 3000s, the stainless steel mounting includes a handle for easy transport around the operation. 

Take a Load Off
The Defender 3000 series are reliably durable, designed to make every aspect of your job easier. Flexible configurations like expanded front mounts and new base sizes combine with some of our clearest and most user-friendly indicators to tackle tasks from simple to heavyweight.

Each and every scale in the Defender 3000 line is built to deliver quick results with clear displays, increasing user-friendliness while maintaining rugged dependability. No matter the job, the Defender 3000 is up for it.

Smarter Than Ever

The new Defender 3000 also includes totalization mode which tracks the results of a series of weighments. After tracking each weight, when prompted it can display basic statistics on a number of weighments, max., min., average, difference and total. Results can also be printed or output to a data connection using a customizable template.

Other improvements include a quick key press to show Tare and APW values, selectable power and
screen saving settings, configurable key lockouts to minimize operator errors, calibration test, power-on zero control, and selectable auto-tare.

Our popular EasyConnect system is now available in the Defender 3000 indicators – mix-and-match even with our Defender series bench scale bases and floor scale platforms for greater flexibility.


  • Approved according to: OIML
  • Calibration: External
  • Capacity (kg): 150 kg
  • Connection options: Ethernet (standard or option)
    RS232 (standard or option)
    USB (standard or option)
  • Display: Detachable
  • Function: Check weighing
    Counting function (NOT counting scale)
  • Intended for: Professionally
  • IP class: IP66
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Performance: Battery (standard or optional)
    Power supply
  • Platform lenght (mm): 650 mm
  • Platform width (mm): 500 mm
  • Resolution (g): 50 g
  • Resolution (kg): 0,05 kg


Accessories / Spare parts

Showing /

Calibration of scale up to 200kg, including certificate.
Bench scales

Calibration of scale, including certificate

Article no: KAL-1
Price from: € 89,00

Available in several variants

Dust cover set 5 pcs for DT33
Floor scales

Dust cover set 5 pcs for DT33

Article no: D33-Cover
€ 55,00

Ethernet kit for TD52, DT61XW and DT33
Floor scales

Ethernet kit for TD52, DT61XW and DT33

Article no: D52-ETH
€ 155,00

ISO 17025 calibration of scale 61kg-300kg incl. certificate.

ISO 17025 calibration of scale incl. certificate.

Article no: ISO 17025-300kg
Price from: € 249,00

Available in several variants

ISO 17025 calibration of scale 61kg-300kg incl. certificate.

Article no: ISO 17025-300kg
€ 249,00

Available in several variants
Price from: € 249,00

Printer for Ohaus scales
Bench scales

Printer for Ohaus scales

Article no: SF-40A
€ 919,00

RS232 cable for DT33XW
Floor scales

RS232 cable for DT33XW

Article no: D33XW-RS232
€ 119,00

USB Device Interface Kit for DT33
Floor scales

USB Device Interface Kit for DT33

Article no: D33-USB
€ 95,00

Wheel kit 4 pcs for Ohaus Defender 2000+3000+5000

Wheel kit 4 pcs for Ohaus Defender 3000+6000. Stainless steel.

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