Dynamometer DNA 5ton

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Dynamometer DNA 5ton

The DNA has been designed to make easier the measurement and the calibration of forces generated by presses, vices, ropes or chains in industrial environments or directly on site.
The dynamometer consists of a strain gauge load cell with high reliability and precision and of a last generator microprocessor.

For compression and tension applications 

Nominal Loads from 100 kg to 5 tons
Linearity 0.05%


  • Check lifeline fall protection, check safety ropes.
  • Check chains, check extraction cement plugs.
  • Check pushing force and pulling carts , check the force generated by press or clamps.
  • Check closing force of automatic doors and gates.

NOTE! All prices is for DNA working in compression. To get it work for both tension and compression please add 160EUR. This 5 tonne model only forks for up to 2500kg in tension.

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insert_drive_file Datasheet_DNA_V1.pdf
insert_drive_file Manual DNA ENG.pdf
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