Container weighing on ground, 35000kg/5kg, OIML

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Container weighing on ground, 35000kg/5kg, OIML

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OIML CERTIFIED & EU TYPE APPROVED! For accurate container weighing in any location, look no further than BISON Container Scales. With BISON Container Scales you can weigh boxes on-site, take care of your new VGM obligations and increase safety, efficiency and compliance in your shipping operation.

BISON  C-Jacks For Weighing Grounded Containers

Fast, smart, portable and accurate, BISON C-Jacks are robust industrial scales for weighing grounded shipping containers.

Capable of weighing all ISO container types, sizes and weights up to 35,000kg, with BISON C-Jacks you can weigh containers simply and efficiently and communicate a reliable VGM at the earliest opportunity.

BISON C-Jacks sync with the BISON App. In addition to weighing the container, the App lets you check and record the container's load distribution, capture other useful shipment information and communicate weight records instantly.


Container weighing is fast and easy with BISON C-Jacks. Simply attach the four scales to each corner. Jack the container off the ground. Then transmit the weight direct to your smart phone. The BISON App does the rest for you.

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Unit of Measure              kg or lb
Weighing Capacity       35,000 kg (system) 10,000 kg (per jack)
Display Increments         50kg
IP Rating                       IP64
Construction                   High strength steel frame. Tough glass-filled nylon casing
Load Cells                      OIML R-60 certified. 10,000kg weighing capacity per scale. 
  150% service overload capacity. 300% ultimate overload limit
Controls                         Single button on/off and re-zero each scale
Data Transfer                 Bluetooth 4
Power                    4x standard AA batteries per scale; 40+ hour life
Hydraulic Jacks   10,000 kg lift capacity per jack
Weight                  11 kg per scale. 8 kg per jack. 5 kg per ground plate




The BISON App provides a wireless link between BISON C-Jacks and a compatible smartphone.

Want to find out how your smartphone can calculate and display your container weights, verify load distribution and share weight data instantly?

Document downloads

insert_drive_file Datasheet_Container_Weighing_V1.pdf


Approved according to OIML
Calibration External
Capacity (kg) 35000,00 kg
Capacity (tonne) 35,00
Connection options App, Bluetooth (standard or option)
Intended for Professionally
Performance Battery (standard or optional)
Resolution (g) 5000,00 g
Resolution (kg) 5,00 kg
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