About scales

A scale is one of the most completely accurate instruments available anywhere. Today, almost all scales are designed to weigh the whole load (no link arms), and most instruments have an accuracy of parts per thousand. Which type of scale you choose to purchase depends on both the type of accuracy you require and on how much you are willing to invest. 

Capacity - A scale's capacity is in brief:   how much load capacity it can withstand. Almost all scales can withstand a 50% overload, without showing anything on their display.
Resolution - This specifies how many divisions the scale has, i.e. the size of each step between each scale interval on the display.
Accuracy - Accuracy is much more difficult to define. In general, in a favorable environment it is not uncommon to have better accuracy than 0.1 promille.

Many scales are EU approved and can be Verified. A Verified scale has been individually tested by an independent body, such as SP (Testing & Research). Such an independent body will provide a certificate which states that the scale does not deviate more than is allowed under whichever standard the scale has been tested for.

Are you having difficulties deciding which scale to buy?  Please don't hesitate to contact us and we will gladly help you find the right balance for your needs! Email us at  info@vetek.com or call us on +46 176 208921.

Further detailed information about our scales is included below.

Professional Scales

Vetek's line of approved professional scales incorporates state-of-the-art technology within the most user-friendly package in the industry. Our Legal for Trade professional product line provides invaluable information to: clinical researchers and medical experts, point-of-care physicians in the Acute Care, Long-Term Care, Pediatric and Veterinary practices, sports coaches (wrestling, training rooms), and scientists working in the fields of obesity, cardiology, physiology, diabetes, nutrition, chiropractic, and rehabilitation therapies. These scales also help doctors by improving patient understanding and compliance in treatment programs, providing greater accessibility for patients, as well as providing increased portability and accuracy for healthcare professionals in the geriatric and bariatric fields.

Vetek's best-selling professional line of high-capacity scales includes pediatric (baby, neonatal) scales, wheelchair scales, handrail and beam scales, OIML scales, food/restaurant scales and a collection of laboratory scales. Laboratory scales are used for a variety of diagnostic measurements.

Consumer Scales

Vetek's robust line of best-selling consumer scales meet the highest standards. All Vetek scales undergo extensive quality tests and measures required to ensure health care professionals and consumers get the highest quality of products on the market.

Vetek offers standard digital weight-only scales, dial and analog scales, high-capacity scales with large platforms, as well as software and scales with outputs…and even wireless Bluetooth scales!

With current advances in technology, Vetek's newest products provide the highest level of precision available to consumers with 0.05kg (50 grams) of accuracy; presenting consumers with the ability to see even the slightest change in their bodies. Rounding out  Vetek's consumer line is a collection of accurate kitchen scales to control food portion size.

As the world-leader in providing accuracy and reliability for consumers, Vetek scales are both dependable and affordable for consumers.

Mini and Pocket Scales
Vetek's line of professional pocket and mini scales are used in a variety of applications worldwide including the measuring and weighing of gold, precious gemstones and diamonds, medical/clinical weighing applications, letter/mail weighing, and the weighing of antique coins. This product line brings quality, reliability, and selection to numerous professionals. Whether you're a jeweler weighing gold, silver, precious gems, semiprecious gems or minerals; a clinician or pharmacist weighing medicine; a hunter weighing gun powder for reloading; a postal clerk weighing postage, a smoker measuring rolling tobacco; a herbologist weighing herbs; pharmacist weighing pharmaceuticals; or a law enforcement agency weighing small quantities of drugs / narcotics,  Vetek's mini scales will always weigh with certified accuracy and extreme precision.

All mini scales are sleek, small, durable, portable and lightweight, and offer multiple weighing modes for both small and high-capacity readings such as grams/milligrams, ounces, troy ounces, penny weights, carat, and  grain. All models feature digital electronic readouts and most are small enough to fit in any standard size shirt pocket.

Digital Scales
Vetek offers: electronic scales, digital bathroom scales, bath scales, digital scales, food scales, weight scales, body fat scales, digital kitchen scales, digital food scales, gem scales, pocket scales, industrial scales, baby scales, and gram scales.

Bathroom Scales
Vetek offers: digital scales, bath scales, bathroom scales, weight scales, weighing scales, body fat scales, digital bathroom scales, glass scales, accurate bathroom scales, antique scales, mechanical bathroom scales, scale reviews, floor scales, dial scales, analog scales, and healthometer scales.

Weight Scales
Vetek offers: weight charts, body weights, health weights, and digital scales.

Kitchen Scales
Vetek offers: kitchen scales, weight scales, electronic scales, digital kitchen scales, digital food scales, gram scales, food scales, fish scales, diet scales, industrial kitchen scales, glass kitchen scales, pound scales, and hanging kitchen scales.

Food Scales
Vetek offers: digital scales, kitchen scales, food scales, diet scales, digital food scales, electronic food scales, electronic kitchen scales, diet scales, health scales, kitchen food scales, and cooking scales.

Electronic Scales
Vetek offers: electronic scales, bathroom scales, bath scales, kitchen scales, digital scales, food scales, weight scales, body fat scales, bathroom scales, digital kitchen scales, digital food scales, gem scales, pocket scales, industrial scales, baby scales, digital bathroom scales, gram scales, electronic kitchen scales, medical scales, jewelry scales, and floor scales.

Pocket Scales
Vetek offers: pocket scales, gram scales, industrial scales, digital pocket scales, jewelry scales, precision scales, mini scales, portable scales, gold scales, silver scales, and reliable scales.

Gram Scales
Vetek offers: gram scales, pocket digtal scales, mini scales, digital gram scales, industrial scales.

Baby Scales
Vetek offers: digital baby scales, baby scales, baby weights, infant scales, doctor's scales, medical scales, and pediatric scales.

Health & Medical Scales
Vetek offers: health scales, industrial scales, medical scales, wrestling scales, balance scales, baby scales, balance beam scales, doctor's scales, healthometer scales, beam scales, lab scales, and physician's scales.