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High quality scales for every purpose

Personal scales & Crane Scales

Scales can be adapted to fulfill a certain function. If the scale’s function is to weigh people or large pallets there are some technical and physical differences.

At you can find personal scales that are for private use or for medically qualified personnel and crane scale that are able to weigh hanging loads of up to 20-30 tons. You can easily find a personal scale or a crane scale at a reasonable price at

Beam Scales & Pallet Scales

In factories and wholesale dealers it is necessary to weigh incoming and outgoing goods. At Vetek you can find scales for large industries and smaller businesses. High quality scales for ever purpose. We have Beam scales with different beam lengths and various weighing indicators. The function of a beam scale is to weigh the balance of transporting goods.

Our pallet scales weigh large pallets that are going away for shipping. The pallet scale is commonly used in large industries or at transportation companies to weigh objects.

Portable Scales & Pocket Scales

Are you looking for a scale with the ability to be moved around, but still have the capability to weigh really heavy objects? Portable scales are specially designed to be mobile. A portable scale from Vetek is able to weigh objects from a few milligrams up to 10 tons.

If you need a mobile scale with great precision a pocket scale is just the thing for your business. With pocket scales you can easily move around for weighing of letters or smaller packages.

Please contact Vetek if you have any questions about our high quality personal, crane, beam or any of our other scales